In 2010 Oliver and Cheryl Edwards (along with their 6 sons) relocated from Surrey, BC to Medicine Hat with a big dream; to start a new church community that would impact the lives of many southeastern Albertans for years to come. Family Photo

As the Edwards made their move to Medicine Hat they were joined by three other adults from their church in Surrey as well as Bart and Elizabeth Blair, who had been serving at a sister church in Mississauga, Ontario.

By Summer of 2011 the small team of people preparing to launch Grasslands had grown to 13 adults and 15 children, who spent the summer holding Sunday evening services at the Southview Church of God.

On September 11, 2011 Grasslands moved its weekend gatherings to the Medicine Hat Galaxy Cinemas and held a “grand opening” service.

In early 2013 Pastor Oliver and Pastor Bart made a role transition, whereas Pastor Bart took on the responsiblities as the Lead Pastor. Oliver and his family soon thereafter moved to Bow Island, AB where they began working with a team to revitalize the Bow Island Community Bible Church.