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On Friday, May 5, 6pm Carmen and Kurtis Maser will be hosting a STAR PARTY with special guest Larry Dye the Creation Guy.

Learn more about our solar system, view distant planets through a telescope and make a few new friends.

We’ll have games, prizes, food and more.

Everyone is welcome. The party is totally free. We’ll have food items for sale to cover some of our costs. Bring a few loonies and twoonies for a Saturn Burger or a Pluto Dog.


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Star Party

If you are new at Grasslands and are ready to figure out your next steps, please attend our next Starting Point Lunch on Sunday, May 14.

Held every 4-6 weeks, StartingPoint is an opportunity for you to make a connection with Pastor Bart and the leaders of Grasslands. Get your questions answered and find out more about the history and vision of our church. Lunch is free. Childcare is provided.


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May Starting Point

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbour as yourself."    - Jesus

It's one thing to say you love your neighbour. It's another thing to actually do it! #LoveDoes

February is the month of love! And to demonstrate our love for God and to show love to our neighbours we are excited to announce an initiative to assemble 5 beautiful gifts baskets for Medicine Hat’s Nurture Pregnancy Centre.

Nurture Pregnancy Centre provides a soft place to land for those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or challenges in all stages of pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life. All of our programs and services are free, confidential, and are offered in a welcoming and accepting environment.Nurture is a faith-based organization with whom we are proud to partner.

The list of items we are collecting includes:

- onesies (0-9 months)
- clothing (0-9 months)
- socks & booties
- hats
- no-scratch mittens
- receiving blankets
- swaddling blankets
- lotions and soaps for baby
- lotions and soaps for mother
- washcloths & towels
- unscnented baby wipes
- diaper cream
- baby hairbursh
- bibs
- burp cloths
- baby nail clippers
- large diapers (no newborn)
- toiletries for moms
- bus passes for mom

The due date for all items is Sunday, March 5.

For more information contact Carmen Maser;

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#LoveDoes - Nurture Support Initiatve